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I am a Web Developer, Security Researcher, and Photographer

My name is Kurt Bruggeman, I am a self-taught web developer who has been building websites for many years, and I am also a member of the Parrot Linux Community Team, developing technical documentation as well as providing consultative and technical support.

Donations are welcome if you would like to help with my work and hosting of this site.

Bitcoin: 14xWh9srPcKgNiW7Kce8NnQD6LnruPc9gF
Bitcoin Cash: 18Q92C2jW6KP5dEP6ZZHvQiSWRNy1cK6md
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Ethereum Classic: 0x7c72A7799159452E3b4b4DeBc46A024D80D4A559
Ethereum: 0xB8927326021786473c29B5A5660B1819dA0cB818
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Litecoin: LQC3mGMZYwymnzGrwHjQZDYqc9KCpPckKY

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